Maintenance Services

Provide maintenance Services such as:

  1. Replacement of existing equipment or part
  2. Rectification/repairing/realignment of existing equipment or part
  3. Machining
  4. Heat Treatment/Annealing ( locally or totally Heat Treatment)
  5. Under Water Welding
  6. Tower Field Service (Maintenance, Revamps, & Installation) supported by Sulzer Chemtech – Singapore
  7. Recoating
  8. Soil Improvement (Soil Injection, Ground Anchorage) and remedial of existing foundation / civil structure
  9. Cleaning and Pigging ( Chemically or Mechanically)
  10. Corrosive Protection
  11. Lining
  12. Chrome Platting and Galvanizing (Hot Dipped and Plating)
  13. Skilled Manpower for Shutdown Maintenance
  14. IT Services

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